Register a new account

To register a new account you can click on the icon Then choose

You will see the registration form filled out as follows:

  • Write the full name.
  • Write down the username that will link to your profile
  • Write your email address
  • Write your password
  • Confirm your password
  • Pressing


You can log in to the site by clicking on the icon

Then log your login data: :

  • Write email.
  • Write your password. .
  • Pressing

If the password is lost

By clicking on the icon Then press

In the password recovery page:

  • Write email.
  • Pressing

Create a new list

By clicking on the icon You will be taken to a form (Create Lists) where you can do the following:

On the Create Listings page:

  • Write the title of the checklist.
  • Press Write Description.
  • Write menu items.
  • Choose menu classification.
  • Save the list in your own account by clicking on:
  • Publish the list on the site by clicking on:

Manage Listings page

You can access your checklists by pressing My Bookmarks icon at the top of the page

Special lists

  • : Are the lists for my personal account They can only be viewed by people you've shared. Published lists
  • : Lists published on the site All users can view, download and print them Lists shared with me
  • : Lists are shared with me Of users of the site. Share menus

Select the list you want to share and press:

You'll be taken to the sharing page

Write e-mail to the invited person.

  • Pressing
  • Share lists (invitees to share)

Share lists (invitees to share)

Notes :

Notes :

  • A user can delete, upload, or print the list.
  • Any modification is made on the checklist of any user whether owner The menu or share with them will be synchronized automatically and the edit will appear Everyone has

Share lists:

Notes :

  • The user can save the shared list with him In his personal account or posted to all users of the site By pressing:

Search for Lists

  • The user can search the published lists on Site by clicking on:
  • You can search either by word or section search By pressing:

Save published lists

User can save (copy) of published lists on GOeGov Use it and modify it by pressing Available On the menu or click the Add icon On the List page

Edit profile:

  • User can modify their data by pressing Name or image:
  • Then modify the required data and press: